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I paid for the app on Google Play store, but the app is not installed

One of the frequent questions we get on our support channel is the issue with Payments on Google Play store. Our WiFi Pro FTP Server is one of the top paid apps in Tools category and some users have faced issues with getting the app on Google Play store. Users in India opting for UPI payments typically face this issue. The payment transaction completes successfully and user’s money (Rs. 10) is debited from their bank account, but the transaction fails at Google’s end and the user does not get the app. This leads to a frustrating user experience and unfortunately most users think that the app developer is withholding the money. This is not true. All payments on Google Play store are handled by Google and the developers get paid mid of next month with amount accrued over the previous month.

If you face this above issue and could not get the app after money is debited (via UPI payment), please wait for a few hours. Google will auto refund your amount in a few hours (sometimes this may take 1 business day). Post that try installing the app again.